On my own

It’s been two months since I left my software engineering job at IBM to explore the world of consulting on my own. At first, consulting projects have excited me because of the freedom to choose what to work on and how to do it. Of course, with freedom comes great responsibility to make wise decisions that you have to stand by.

I’ve seen people create great things and I’m part of some now, but I’m starting to feel another startup itch of my own. I’m hoping to channel this itch into some really exciting things over the next few months. My biggest problem is always: there are too many ideas worth exploring, what to do first?

While doing my last “startup” I realized we had a great idea for a product users were begging us to release, but the business side didn’t really make sense at the time. I’ve realized that it’s important to just brainstorm ideas, wherever you are, or whatever they may be. And it’s even more important to write them down somewhere for future reference, since there’s bound to be an Aha! moment when you look at ideas from different angles.

I’m constantly asking myself “why does X suck so much?” – it’s my frustrations, sometimes hatred, with technology that really stimulates the most unique, often ridiculous, ideas!